We build our rupture disc holders with the same passion for precision we bring to our rupture disc manufacturing process. All of our holders meet or exceed industry standards.

When you pair a LaMOT holder with a LaMOT disc, you get the assurance that from the drafting table to the fabrication floor, they’ve been designed, machined, and finished in sync – they’re meant for each other.

Full Bolted Holder

The full bolted holder consists of an inlet and outlet piece, with seating surfaces machined to form a seal with 30˚ seat rupture discs.

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Insert Holder

The insert holder fits ASME, DIN, or JIS companion pipe flanges and includes pre-assembly screws and side clips for bench assembly.

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Union Type Holders

The union-type holder provides flexibility, ease of installation, and high-pressure ratings in tight piping configurations. While carbon steel and 316 SS are our standard materials, we offer many other options. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

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Throwaway Holder Assembly

This assembly is a disposable unit that features a rupture disc sealed between brass fittings. After an overpressure condition, the entire assembly can be quickly removed and replaced with a new assembly.

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Screw Type Holder Assembly

Simplify rupture disc replacement with a screw type holder assembly. After an overpressure condition, simply unscrew the holder and swap out the burst rupture disc. The screw type assembly can be reused indefinitely.

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We’ve spent decades refining our manufacturing processes with efficiency and agility in mind. We’re ready to put our methods to work for you.