B.D.I.® Burst Disc Indicator

B.D.I. alarm strips instantaneously trigger a warning when a rupture disc bursts. B.D.I. is just one component of the BDI-FLX Burst Disc Sensor System, which is designed for use with LaMOT standard and composite rupture discs.

How it works
The BDI-FLX system is a closed, low-powered circuit. When a rupture disc bursts, it severs the alarm strip and interrupts the circuit, activating a monitoring device. This signals that an overpressure condition has occurred and the media is venting. The B.D.I. does not affect the life or performance of the rupture disc.

Time tested, ASME accepted
Years of testing in our ASME accepted flow testing laboratory prove the reliability of the B.D.I. when used with LaMOT rupture discs. Years of success in the field have helped it earn the trust of engineers and operations worldwide.

The B.D.I. features:

  • Resistance to chemical attack and corrosion
  • Usability over a wide range of temperatures
  • Ease of replacement upon disc rupture
  • Compatibility with LaMOT rupture discs

Maximum current: 50 milliamps

Maximum voltage: 24 VDC RMS

Operating temperature range: 40°F to +400°F (‑40°C to +204°C)

Minimum relieving pressure: See table, Minimum Pressure for Universal B.D.I.


The B.D.I. alarm strip is generally composed of copper conductors (tantalum available on request) adhered to a thin strip of Kapton® film. The conductors pass through the flange gasket and end with a molded plug or bare leads. Our two standard gasket materials are asbestos-free fiber-bound or GYLON® 3500 silica-filled PTFE.

The lead wire assembly links the alarm strip to the monitoring system. A flexible, abrasion- and weather-resistant two-pin bullet plug protects the terminals at the connecting point. Alternatively, a design with shielded cable and bare leads is available. The cable comes in 6-, 10-, or 20-foot lengths.

Use the lead wire assembly to connect the alarm strip to the alarm monitor. The lead wire assembly is available in 6-, 10-, 20-, 50-, 75-, 100-, 200-, and 300-foot lengths with a standard plug connector and strain relief device on one end and bare leads on the other.

Versatility and compatibility
B.D.I. is compatible with rupture disc and holder assemblies that install between a range of standard bolted flanges. Custom designs are also available. Contact us for more information.

Components of the full BDI-FLX system
The BDI-FLX Burst Disc Sensor System consists of an alarm strip interfaced with a monitoring unit, computer, annunciator panel, and control panel. Other equipment may be included, depending on your application.


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