BDI-FLX™ Burst Disc Sensor System

BDI-FLX employs a sensor strip with a flexible potentiometer to instantaneously signal a burst disc. It is designed for use with ASME and DIN flanges or sanitary applications. When combined with an alarm monitor, this system protects lives, equipment and the environment.

Time tested, ASME accepted
Years of testing in our ASME accepted flow testing laboratory prove the reliability of the BDI-FLX System. Years of success in the field have helped it earn the trust of engineers and operations worldwide.

Maximum current: 50 milliamps

Maximum voltage: 24 VDC RMS

Operating temperature range: 40°F to +400°F (‑40°C to +204°C)

Minimum relieving pressure: See table, Minimum Pressure for Universal B.D.I.

Service: Gas, liquid
         In full liquid environments, the BDI-FLX sensor requires dynamic movement
to signal. Slow disc reversal, such as with liquid thermal expansion, will not
trip the sensor, nor will a cracked rupture disc.


The BDI-FLX allows direct interface to PLCs, distributed control systems, alarm monitors, or isolating barriers and can provide dry contacts for industrial controls.

The BDI-FLX system is built for durability, with:

  • A conductive element fully encapsulated in corrosion-resistant polyimide film.
  • An advanced design to minimize the risk of damage to the sensor strip, even when bolts have been tightened beyond the recommended bolting load.
  • An alignment ring to support the sensor cable and minimize cable strain.
  • Modernized output cable connectors in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 IP67 rated M12 connector.

Note that the BDI-FLX sensor is designed to indicate within a few milliseconds, so full reversal and full opening of the rupture disc must occur within a few milliseconds. If full liquid flow at set pressure or a gas head will not be present during rupture of the disc, contact LaMOT for an evaluation. The BDI-FLX system is designed for use with LaMOT standard and composite rupture discs paired with B.D.I.® alarm strips.

Components of the full BDI-FLX system
The BDI-FLX Burst Disc Sensor System consists of an alarm strip interfaced with a monitoring unit, computer, annunciator panel and control panel. Other equipment may be included, depending on your application.


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