Isolation Seal (IS) Rupture Disc

The Isolation Seal (IS) rupture disc is a flat composite rupture disc that installs between standard bore 150# ASME bolted flanges. The recommended operating pressure is 50% of the rupture disc’s minimum burst pressure.

IS discs are typically used for:

  • Low pressure relief of atmospheric storage tanks.
  • Downstream relief valve manifold isolation.
  • A corrosion barrier.
  • An environmental seal.

The IS is available in two designs:

  • IS-1 – Bursts in one direction only.
  • IS-2 – Bursts in an identical rating in either positive or vacuum direction.

The IS disc includes a high-visibility flow direction tag for easy installation, correct orientation, and at-a-glance inspection. All IS rupture discs 1″ (25 mm) nominal size and above include a flow direction tag.

Seating configuration: Flat seat, no holder required

Burst pressure range: See table 7, Minimum/Maximum Burst Pressures for IS
Rupture Discs
Table 2A – 
Burst Tolerance and Maximum Recommended Operating

Available materials:
Top section – 316SS, alloy 600, alloy 400, nickel
Seal – Fluoropolymer or polyethylene
Includes a non-asbestos gasket on each side of the disc for easy handling
and installation.

Manufacturing range: See table 2, Manufacturing Ranges
Special and reduced manufacturing ranges are available upon request.

Available in a variety of materials to resist highly corrosive media and atmospheric conditions.

Specified and MIN/MAX Rating Types are also available.


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