Insert Holder

The insert holder consists of an inlet and outlet piece with seating surfaces machined to form a gasket seal with 30˚ seat rupture discs.

The insert holder fits ASME, DIN, or JIS companion pipe flanges and includes pre-assembly screws and side clips for bench assembly.

LaMOT rupture discs and holders both include permanent flow direction tags for easy visual verification of correct installation. Wherever specific holder identification tagging is required, the nameplate on the full bolted holder will also include a stainless steel customer identification tag.

Seating configuration: 30˚ seat
Ideal for use with standard or composite 30° seat (LL) or (HL) rupture discs.

Nominal size range: 1/2″-12″ (13-300 mm)
Mates with ASME bolting classes 150# through 2500# and corresponding
DIN or JIS flanges.

Materials: Carbon steel, 316 SS
         Other materials available on request.

Dimensions: See Table 9, 30˚ Insert Holder Weights and Dimensions.

Our options and accessories ensure our rupture discs and holders perform in any environment. Consult a representative if you aren’t sure which you need.

Corrosion-resistant liners, coatings, and other protective materials available on request

Gaskets for a perfect seal, even on scratched or pitted disc holders

Protective rings to prevent damage to fragile rupture discs and delicate liners from foreign material in the seating area

Studs and nuts to engage a reverse acting rupture disc insert holder with an inlet and outlet flange – available in alloy steel or 316 SS

Jackscrews – alloy steel, three per set

Eye bolts – carbon steel

Cleaning for oxygen or chlorine service

Tell-tale indicators

Gauge taps in the holder outlet – 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ threaded (tap size, location, and type may impact holder height)

Pipe nipples and tees – carbon steel or 316 SS, 1/4″ or 1/2″

Excess flow valve – 316 SS, 1/4″ or 1/2″



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