BDI-FLX® Burst Disc Sensor System

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BDI-FLX® Burst Disc Sensor System

BDI-FLX® Burst Disc Sensor System

The BDI-FLX™ Burst Disc Sensor System is available for gas or liquid applications. For full liquid applications, the BDI-FLX Sensor requires dynamic movement to signal. Slow reversal of the rupture disc, such as with liquid thermal expansion, will not cause the BDI-FLX Sensor to indicate. A small crack in a rupture disc score will not cause the BDI-FLX Sensor to indicate. Note that the BDI-FLX Sensor is designed to indicate within a few milliseconds, so full reversal and full opening of the rupture disc must occur within a few milliseconds. If full liquid flow at set pressure or a gas head will not be present during rupture of disc, contact LaMOT for evaluation.


Allows direct interface to PLC’s, DCS (Distributed Control System), alarm monitors or isolating barriers and can provide dry contacts for industrial controls

Improved durability:
•    The conductive element is fully encapsulated in corrosive resistant polyimide film
•    The advanced technologies of the sensor strip minimize the risk of damage due to excessive stress beyond recommended bolting load
•    The alignment ring provides a rigid support for the new sensor cable, minimizing cable strain

Modernized output cable connectors in accordance with IEC 61076-2-101 IP67 rated M12 connector


ISO 9001 Certification

CE Certificates - The European Pressure Equipment Directive


ATEX Rupture Disc Device Certificate of Assessment

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