STD Rupture Disc

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STD Rupture Disc

Standard Rupture Disc

STD Rupture Disc

The Standard Rupture Disc is a solid metal, prebulged (preformed) differential pressure relief device. It is widely used in industry to protect equipment, vessels, and systems from an overpressure condition. The rupture disc provides instantanious full-opening within milliseconds of an overpressure situation. LaMOT brand products Standard Rupture Disc provides performance under pressure and is the guardian of the system.

The Standard Rupture Disc is suitable for either gas/vapor or liquid applications. The Standard Rupture Disc is ideal for static, pulsating or cyclic operation condition, but requires a vacuum support to withstand vacuum.

The Standard Rupture Disc is used in systems that have an operating pressure that does not exceed the maximum recommended operating ratio of 70% of the rupture disc’s marked burst pressure. The Standard Rupture Disc has a full-opening and fragmenting design for optimum flow and reliable performance that make it an ideal choice for primary and/or secondary system relief protection.



The 30° angular seat design Standard Rupture Disc is available in nominal sizes 1/2” through 12” (13 - 300 mm) for use in Full Bolted, Insert Holders and Union rupture disc holders.

Pressure ranges from 3 psig to 6,000 psig (0,207 - 414 barg) are available in a variety of different materials. The available burst pressures for the Standard Rupture Disc are found in Table 4. Depending on the material of construction, this rupture disc will perform at temperatures up to 1,000°F (538° C) and resist most corrosive media and atmospheric conditions. Refer to Table 3 for recommended maximum operating temperatures of Standard Rupture Disc materials.

Manufacturing ranges are shown in Table 2 for LaMOT Brand Products.  Special and reduced manufacturing ranges are available upon request.  For Burst Tolerances and Recommended Operating Pressure see Table 2A. Tables 2 and 2A are based on the RATED Rating Type. Specified and MIN/MAX Rating Types are also available.


The LaMOT Brand three dimensional (3-D) flow direction tag provides instant visual verification that the rupture disc has been correctly oriented into the system. The 3-D tag extends beyond the holder to insure clear visibility for easier installation and inspection after the rupture disc has been installed.

Tags, as a standard, are attached to all Standard rupture discs 1” (25 mm) nominal size and above.


The Standard Rupture Disc is available to be cleaned for oxygen or chlorine service. Other rupture disc options are available for the Standard Rupture Disc such as protective rings, gaskets, handling supports, dent protectors and vacuum supports. For more information on these items, see Rupture Disc Options.

When a rupture disc is subjected to corrosive elements from either the media or atmospheric side, the LaMOT Brand offers both protective liners and coatings to help eliminate the effect corrosives might have on the performance of the rupture disc. Typically, liners are made of fluoropolymer.

The LaMOT Brand Standard Rupture Disc is available in a 30° angular “Light-Lip” seat and a 30° angular “Heavy-Lip” seat. Size and rupture disc holder bolting class determine the seat design. Refer to Table 1 for information on application of Heavy-Lip seating. Seating not indicated in Table 1 as Heavy-Lip, will be Light-Lip.


ISO 9001 Certification

CE Certificates - The European Pressure Equipment Directive


ATEX Rupture Disc Device Certificate of Assessment

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