LaMOT Valves & Arrestors

An evolution of the Groth Corporation, LaMOT Valve & Arrestor funnels decades of industrial design, customer service, and made-to-order manufacturing into a new portfolio of upstream safety products. Living up to our heritage, the quality of our products is paramount, but our main focus is on people. That’s why we work to give our partners the products and support you need to safely run your operation, while also helping you boost your bottom line.

A Focus on Quality Products and Long-Term Partnerships

We’re also looking to the future. Our industry-leading production capabilities support continual in-house research and development in order to create an expanded portfolio of safety products for the upstream oil and gas market. Regardless of your operation’s unique needs—now or in the future—LaMOT Valve & Arrestor is proud to bring decades of quality manufacturing expertise to support the upstream industry.

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