Since 1964, the LaMOT brand of rupture discs and rupture disc holders have been manufactured using proven techniques, industry standards, and modern manufacturing methods. As a customer, we know you expect both product quality and dependable service. When you choose LaMOT Brand Products, this is precisely what you receive. All manufacturing is performed under an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System which ensures that rupture discs and holders are built to exacting specifications.

Our sales people are ready to offer immediate assistance when you need an answer, have a problem to solve, or an order to place. 

When you choose LaMOT Brand Products, there are three advantages you can count on with every order:

  • Highest Quality
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Value for Money

Rupture discs are manufactured using computer controlled equipment, thus ensuring quality finishes and dimensional accuracy. Our rupture discs are manufactured from a variety of metals which are purchased according to closely controlled specifications. Special metal forming techniques and state-of-the-art pressure indicators ensure accurate recording of rupture pressures. This, in combination with our years of manufacturing experience and dedication to quality, is assurance of precision performance from LaMOT Brand Products.


ISO 9001 Certification

CE Certificates - The European Pressure Equipment Directive


ATEX Rupture Disc Device Certificate of Assessment