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Solutions...for Tough Pressure Relief Problems

Whether it’s from the standard product line, or a custom-manufactured rupture disc for a one-of-a-kind application, LaMOT Brand Products has built a 50-year reputation for solving the toughest pressure relief problems.

For OEM’s…Defense industries…Space exploration programs…Aircraft and aerospace manufacturers…Chemical and petrochemical industries…Food processors…Electronics industries…and countless more.

LaMOT’s custom design capabilities have been tapped for such wide ranging projects as air conditioning units, oxygen supply systems, aircraft ejection seats, wind turbines and the space shuttle. The same engineering, testing and manufacturing talent that has solved one-of-a-kind problems for worldwide industries is now available to deliver innovative solutions to your own specific pressure relief problems. Whether your needs are for quantities of one, one thousand, or more…LaMOT Brand Products are available to solve your pressure relief problems. Please use our quote request form above, or contact us directly.


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